One of our most requested products is our Workers' Comp Programs. We have exclusive programs and markets that will provide you an unique advantage when competing against competitors.


All our worker's comp programs are pay as you go.

No Audits

All our programs have no audits.

Cash Flow

All our solutions are pay as you go which means no large down payments, little to no collateral, no audit costs, and claims management included.

High Risk - No Problem

If your business/client fits any of the following

  • Is a brand new business

  • Has excessive claims or open claims

  • High risk workers' comp codes

  • lapse in coverage

  • Required to provide a large deposit

  • In the state fund

  • Has large cash collateral down for current policy

  • Is being dropped, cancelled or non renewed

We can place this! We encourage you to give us the opportunity to give you strategic alternative solutions exclusively through Selectpeo. We have saved Business's $6,198,291 on Workers Comp Premium & Audit expenses in 2019!


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